ORP News Release - Chair Suzanne Gallagher And Other New Officers Elected To Lead ORP - 02.04.2013


Party Unites Behind New Leadership,
Thanks Alley for his Strong Party Building Efforts

Salem, OR – At the 2013 Biennial Organization Meeting on Saturday, members of the Oregon Republican State Central Committee elected Suzanne Gallagher of Tigard, Oregon as the new Chair of the ORP.

Gallagher’s slate swept the other three officer positions as well. “Our slate of officers won these contested elections because the Central Committee wanted a team of officers which shared the same Constitutional values, worked together effectively and would turn our Party’s focus to attracting voters to the Party’s candidates,” Chair Gallagher said. Bill Currier, the new ORP Vice Chair and Chris Barreto, the new ORP Secretary, both won contested races for their offices. Ken Taylor, the new ORP Treasurer won by acclamation.

Chair Gallagher thanked Allen Alley, the outgoing Chair, “for the fantastic job he has done in the last two years.” She went on to say, “Allen traveled all over this state to meet with Republicans in every county of Oregon. His superb fundraising has put our Party on a strong foundation for future success.”

Gallagher has been a state Legislative candidate and has a strong history of conservative grassroots policy advocacy, as well as fundraising and Republican organizing at the PCP level. She has an extensive business background in marketing, entrepreneurship and public service.

Gallagher campaigned on a platform of reaching out to women and youth, Hispanics, Asians and other voter groups through targeted communication efforts. PCP recruitment, voter registration and better internal and external communications are the top priorities of Chair Gallagher’s agenda for the ORP. On being elected as the second Oregon Republican woman Chair to the State Party, Gallagher said, “We have so much opportunity to make Oregon better for all Oregonians!"

Chair Gallagher went on to say, "as the Chair of our state Republican Party, I will look to our shared strengths and values of entrepreneurship, private sector job growth, personal freedom and responsibility, and accountable government to address the many problems that Oregonians face today. All Oregonians deserve a chance to make a better life for their families. I am honored to lead Republicans and all Oregonians toward a better, more prosperous future.”

The other Officers who joined Chair Gallagher as new Officers yesterday, will each serve two-year terms:

Bill Currier of Adair Village, the new ORP Vice Chair, is currently the four-term Mayor of Adair Village near Corvallis, has served on the League of Oregon Cities Board of Directors and owns and operates an IT services company.

Chris Barreto, the new ORP Secretary, is co-owner of Barreto Manufacturing in La Grande, Oregon and mother of eight children and grandmother of three. Chris was elected as a Romney Delegate to the 2012 Republican Convention in Tampa from CD 2 and also served as Oregon’s representative on the Committee on Credentials at the Republican Convention.

Ken Taylor, the new ORP Treasurer, is also Chair of the Crook County Republican Central Committee from Prineville, Oregon.  He is a Youth Minister and has been active for many years organizing Republicans in Crook County, as well as the Tea Party in Central Oregon.

New ORP Leadership Team - Pictured from Left to Right: Solomon Yue, Jr. - National Committeeman ('12-'16);
Chris Barreto - Secretary ('13-'15); Suzanne Gallagher - Chair ('13-'15); Bill Currier - Vice Chair ('13-'15);
Ken Taylor - Treasurer ('13-'15); Donna D. Cain - National Committeewoman ('12-'16).

The Oregon Republican Party was founded on February 11, 1857 around the principles of freedom and Union. The Party is governed by the State Central Committee, which includes elected representatives of County Republican Party organizations. Republican County Central Committees are composed of Precinct Committee Persons who are elected by Republican voters at primary elections every two years.

For more information, visit: www.oregonrepublicanparty.org/history and www.oregonrepublicanparty.org/platform

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