ORP News Release: Oregon Delegation to National Convention - 08.01.2012

Wednesday August 1st, 2012 – 06:00 AM PDT

Oregon Republicans Send Delegation to National Convention to
Nominate Republican Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates

Lake Oswego, OR – During the last week of August, 2,286 delegates and 2,125 alternate delegates will make history at the 40th Republican Presidential Convention, culminating in the nomination of the Republican candidates for President and Vice President of the United States. The Oregon Republican Party has fielded a Delegation to this event which occurs every four years as part of the National Presidential Campaign.

The 2012 Oregon Delegation to the Republican National Convention includes twenty-eight voting members, three of whom are unbound and twenty five who are bound by their pledge to vote for  candidates who won proportional shares of the Republican vote during the 2012 Primary Election. By Oregon law, Delegates are bound to support their declared candidate until the end of the second ballot, or until their candidate receives less than 35 percent of the Convention vote or until released by the Presidential candidate to whom they are pledged.

In addition to Oregon’s 28 Delegates, 25 Alternate Delegates, spouses, family members, friends and guests will all be converging on the Tampa Bay area to join tens of thousands of other Republicans from around the country for four days of activities building up to the nomination of the President and Vice President on Thursday August 30th. Click Here for list of all members of the Oregon Delegation.

Delegates travel to the National Convention at their own expense, and invest considerable time and energy to ensure a successful opportunity to participate in the Convention process. While in Tampa, Oregon Delegates will attend Convention sessions, breakfasts with nationally known Republican figures, receptions and other events designed to build enthusiasm and commitment to winning their states to reach the 270 Electoral votes necessary to elect the President and Vice President of the United States.

Eight Delegates have been chosen to represent the Oregon Delegation on one of the four Convention Committees:

Resolutions Committee sometimes referred to as the ‘Platform Committee’, will be represented by National Committeewoman Donna Cain of Rogue River, who also serves on the Arrangements Committee, and Russ Walker of Keizer.

Credentials Committee will be represented by National Committeeman Solomon Yue of Salem and Chris Barretto of Cove.

Rules Committee will be represented by Kevin Hoar of Beaverton and Andrea Hofmann of Salem.

Permanent Organization Committee will be represented by Carroll Dressler of Bend and Greg Barretto of Cove.

While in Tampa, Delegates will have an opportunity to experience all of the sights, sounds and activities that surround a major party political convention, including seminars, receptions, speeches and the many excellent restaurants and attractions that make the Tampa Bay area a world-class destination.


2012 Oregon Delegation to the Republican National Convention

Photo Taken at July 14th Delegation Organization Meeting in Beaverton
(Individual photos of most Delegation members available upon request)

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