ORP News Release: ORP Congratulates Rob Cornilles, Spotlights Business Experience and Independence - 11.15.2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 08:00 AM PDT

Oregon's Republican Party Congratulates Rob Cornilles
Candidate emphasizes independence in the McCall and Hatfield tradition

Portland, OR The Oregon Republican Party, Oregon's Party, congratulates Rob Cornilles on his victory last Tuesday night. Allen Alley, Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, commented this week, "We are all frustrated with the partisan inaction and bickering in Washington DC. Rob Cornilles can be part of the solution rather than the problem simply because he is not a politician. His business experience and independent political background make Rob Cornilles an especially good fit for Oregon's First Congressional District.

"Cornilles proved his political independence in the primary campaign," said Alley, "by his refusal to sign political pledges written by Washington lobbyists and insiders." Alley also noted that Cornilles plans to make tax reform the central issue in the January special election contest against his Democrat opponent, Suzanne Bonamici.

"Cornilles' willingness to tear up the 10,000-page federal tax code that is riddled with special perks and favoritism, and start over by eliminating tax breaks for the well connected while lowering rates across the board, will appeal to the voters of the First District," said Alley.

"Rob Cornilles' independent background fits CD-1 in much the same way that Tom McCall's and Mark Hatfield's independence matched the attitudes of Oregon voters," said Alley. "Rob's entrepreneurial experience is just what Oregon needs, in contrast to his opponent, whose work experience is primarily as a government lawyer and politician. Bonamici's narrow world and economic view explains why she's voted in the Oregon legislature with her party 98 percent of the time. If we want more gridlock and insider politics as usual, then send Bonamici to DC."

"To build careers, we need to grow our economy, and Rob can help us do that."


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