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Delia Lopez is a Real Estate Investor and Developer, a Rancher and Organic Gardener.  Delia has purchased and restored distressed properties, subsequently renting them at a fair price for the local population, or selling them for a profit.  She borrowed a small amount of money to purchase the first home, and systematically and strategically built her business.  As a rancher, she has raised farm animals; cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, to feed her family and sell excess produce to local families.  Her industry and ability to perceive value and a finished product, along with her hard work and determination have served Delia well.  To date, she has 12 properties in her portfolio, has created 100's of jobs, and has served 1000's of clients in her organization.  At one point specializing at working with agencies to house the disabled and forcing the termination of an incompetent HUD inspector.
Delia established her Real Estate and Development business in 1989 while managing her household and raising her children.  Delia's first business was Dee's Day Care; she took care of 10 children to help make ends meet while staying home with her children. She also volunteered at the school and was the Camp Fire Kids leader and Girl Scout co-leader because she believes children are our future. Prior to that time Delia spent 3 years as an employee of Federal Express Corporation.  Delia entered into her first marriage at an early age, escaping a difficult home environment, only to divorce a few years later.  During that time, Delia became a Certified Nursing Assistant, and later earned certification as a Licensed Vocational Nurse.  Delia continued in a work/study program as she carried her first born child.  After her daughter was born, Delia worked for Adana's nursing registry, later resigning to accept employment with Fedx.
 Delia married Anthony Lopez in 1982, who became her best friend and business partner.  Together, they enjoy 3 children and 3 grandchildren and look forward to their youngest son’s upcoming wedding day in July. Delia is a voracious reader, and has educated herself in many areas; history and politics, organic gardening, bee keeping, tree farming, ranching, medicinal herbs, and general contracting!  Delia raises and trains Arabian horses, is a fan of medicinal herbs, and she makes herbal medicines, soap, and has harvested honey from her own bee hives!  Delia is recognized as a Certified Master Gardener and writes articles for NW Connection.
Delia is a fiscal and political conservative whose commitment to uphold the Constitution and frustration with invasive government regulations motivated her to action, and a run for a Congressional seat.  Delia is tenacious.  She will work until a problem is solved.  She intends to tackle issues that directly affect small business and wants to return government to “We the People.”

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