Only 23 Percent say Trump is Honest and Trustworhty

Wed, 2015-12-16 21:00
Donald Trump continues his climb in the national polls for the Republican presidential nomination, while Hillary Clinton is well ahead of him in the general election match ups. 2015-12-16T00:01:00-05:00 2015-12-17T05:00:05Z Donald Lambro

Hillary Says Relatives of Benghazi Heroes Are Liars

Wed, 2015-12-16 21:00
Our news media are so overwhelmingly obsequious to the Democrats that Hillary Clinton can imply the relatives of the Americans killed in Benghazi are liars on national TV, and no one in the press blinks an eye or finds it newsworthy. 2015-12-16T00:01:00-05:00 2015-12-17T05:00:05Z Brent Bozell

Our Timid Military Leaders

Wed, 2015-12-16 21:00
This month, President Barack Obama's defense secretary, Ashton Carter, decreed that there will be 220,000 combat military jobs offered to women -- including in Army special operations forces and the Navy SEALs. 2015-12-16T00:01:00-05:00 2015-12-17T05:00:05Z Walter E. Williams

Why the War on Guns has Failed

Wed, 2015-12-16 21:00
In the wake of the San Bernardino attack, liberals are in a total panic over guns. The New York Times broke a 95-year precedent to editorialize about gun control on its front page. 2015-12-16T00:01:00-05:00 2015-12-17T05:00:05Z Jonah Goldberg

Rejecting False Liberal Choices

Wed, 2015-12-16 14:30
Over and over, progressives give us simplistic formulae, plus name calling if were on the wrong side of an issue. 2015-12-16T00:01:00-05:00 2015-12-16T22:30:08Z Robert Knight

Mass Shooting Delusions

Wed, 2015-12-16 14:00
Two days after the massacre in San Bernardino, Marco Rubio said something that most gun control supporters probably thought was outrageous. 2015-12-16T00:01:00-05:00 2015-12-16T22:00:13Z Jacob Sullum

Vetting Obama's Witless Vetters at DHS

Wed, 2015-12-16 12:30
Gaping holes in the K1 fiance visa interview process. Reckless bans on scrutinizing visa applicants' social media posts. Ignored alarms over marriage fraud. New details keep seeping out about all the "red flags" Obama's immigration officials missed in the case of the San Bernardino jihadists. 2015-12-15T23:16:00-05:00 2015-12-16T20:30:13Z Michelle Malkin

Trump Breaking the Rules of Washington's Money Game

Wed, 2015-12-16 09:00
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump got into an interesting war of words on Twitter last week with a Saudi prince. "Dopey Prince (Al-Waleed bin Talal) wants to control our U.S. politicians with daddy's money. Can't do it when I get elected," Trump tweeted. 2015-12-15T14:05:00-05:00 2015-12-16T17:00:06Z Rachel Marsden

Maryland Congressman Pleads for more Federal Funding to Boost Syrian Immigration

Wed, 2015-12-16 08:00
Donald Trump would temporarily ban Muslim immigration to the U.S while Hillary Clinton tells us love and kindness, is part of the solution for confronting terrorism. 2015-12-15T12:04:00-05:00 2015-12-16T16:00:11Z Frank Howard

Proposed Rule Pushes More People to Fannie and Freddie, Increasing Taxpayer Risk

Wed, 2015-12-16 07:30
The Obama administration--creating a mortgage finance problem just as the Fed ponders a rate hike. 2015-12-15T10:41:00-05:00 2015-12-16T15:30:10Z Dan Horowitz

Hot Air in Paris

Wed, 2015-12-16 07:00
If representatives of the nearly 200 nations gathered in Paris for the UN Conference on Climate Change had instead formed a coalition to fight a real threat -- Islamic terrorism -- they might have accomplished something useful. 2015-12-15T09:36:00-05:00 2015-12-16T15:00:07Z Cal Thomas

Progressives' Misguided Sentiment on Guns

Tue, 2015-12-15 21:00
In the wake of the recent mass shooting in San Bernardino, the New York Times ran their first Page One editorial in nearly a century, calling for an end to the "gun epidemic" in America. 2015-12-15T00:01:00-05:00 2015-12-16T05:00:06Z Ken Connor

Donald Trump Channels Pat McCarran

Tue, 2015-12-15 21:00
Donald Trumps presidential campaign has done it again. Speaking aboard the USS Yorktown on the 74th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Trump called on our government to stop letting Muslims enter the United States until our countrys representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. 2015-12-15T00:01:00-05:00 2015-12-16T05:00:06Z Phyllis Schlafly

Three Wise Men, A Mom and Manger

Tue, 2015-12-15 21:00
In the days before thanksgiving this year, a young mother left her newborn baby boy (umbilical cord intact) swaddled in a manger that was part of the nativity scene at Holy Child Jesus Church, a Catholic congregation located in the Richmond Hill neighborhood of Queens New York. 2015-12-15T00:01:00-05:00 2015-12-16T05:00:06Z Armstrong Williams

Will Elites Blow Up the GOP?

Tue, 2015-12-15 21:00
"Buchanan, if you ever hear of a group getting together to stop X, be sure to put your money on X." 2015-12-15T00:01:00-05:00 2015-12-16T05:00:06Z Pat Buchanan

Attacking the Truth: Part II

Tue, 2015-12-15 21:00
The case currently before the U.S. Supreme Court, involving racial double standards in admissions to the University of Texas at Austin, has an Alice-in-Wonderland quality that has been all too common in other Supreme Court cases involving affirmative action in academia, going all the way back to 1978. 2015-12-15T00:01:00-05:00 2015-12-16T05:00:06Z Thomas Sowell

The Father Of Seven Who Believes He's a Six-Year-Old Girl

Tue, 2015-12-15 21:00
What if I told you that there was a married man with seven children who left his wife and kids and now lives with another family where he believes he is a 6-year-old girl? 2015-12-15T00:01:00-05:00 2015-12-16T05:00:06Z Michael Brown

What, Exactly, Is a Fascist?

Tue, 2015-12-15 21:00
It's hard to find a self-respecting liberal these days who doesn't denounce Donald Trump as "a fascist." If you Google "fascist," the first thing that pops up on the screen is a photo of Trump. 2015-12-15T00:01:00-05:00 2015-12-16T05:00:06Z Stephen Moore

University That Doesn't Know What 'Equality' Means

Tue, 2015-12-15 21:00
Wasn't there a time when universities dedicated themselves chiefly to the spread of knowledge and wisdom, or, you know, to anything besides social engineering, cultural manipulation and political posturing? 2015-12-15T00:01:00-05:00 2015-12-16T05:00:06Z Bill Murchison

The Downfall of Wal-Mart

Tue, 2015-12-15 21:00
he laws of economics are no more changeable than those of physics. No matter what the planners in Washington decide, every action may still have its opposite but equal reaction, and the greater the supply of a commodity, the lower the price must fall. 2015-12-15T00:01:00-05:00 2015-12-16T05:00:06Z Paul Greenberg

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