Choosing the Challenging Road to Reconciliation

Wed, 2015-01-21 16:15
2015-01-21T00:01:00-05:00 2015-01-22T00:15:51Z Dr. Ben Carson

Will the West Defend Itself?

Wed, 2015-01-21 13:45
Leftists and progressives believe that the U.S. should become more like Europe. They praise Europe's massive welfare state, socialized medicine and stifling economic regulation and accept its unwillingness to defend itself against barbarism. 2015-01-21T00:01:00-05:00 2015-01-21T21:45:10Z Walter E. Williams

The Real “DarkNet”: Law Enforcement Information Sharing and Fusion Centers

Wed, 2015-01-21 09:15
Earlier this month, I wrote about a case out of Maryland involving a Florida resident who was pulled-over by Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) police, and subjected to harassment and intimidation, all because the driver was the holder of a Florida concealed carry permit. 2015-01-21T00:01:00-05:00 2015-01-21T17:15:05Z Bob Barr

From Multiplier to Domino

Wed, 2015-01-21 06:45
The reality of falling gas prices has finally hit home. It is no longer 1973 when the bulk of every dollar put into the tank went to a Sheik who could care less about the well-being of the American public. 2015-01-21T00:01:00-05:00 2015-01-21T14:45:06Z Bill Tatro

America's Cops: The Best in the World

Wed, 2015-01-21 06:45
America has the best cops in the world. Without question, the men and women who serve in blue uniform in the United States are the braver and more professional than the police forces of any other country. 2015-01-21T00:01:00-05:00 2015-01-21T14:45:06Z Mark Nuckols

Two Free Years of Communist College for Everyone!

Tue, 2015-01-20 21:15
Well this makes complete and total sense: Obamas free college proposal would be funded by taxing college savings plans. Karl Marx would probably point out something about those who have, and those that need Im sure theyll touch on it in the first year or two of free Communist College. 2015-01-21T00:01:00-05:00 2015-01-21T05:15:06Z Ransom Notes Radio

Restate of the Union

Tue, 2015-01-20 20:45
President Obama sure is consistent. His State of the Union address sounded like his other speeches: What I've done is great! America is in a much better position. We've created a manufacturing sector that's adding jobs. More oil is produced at home. I cut deficits in half! 2015-01-20T19:04:00-05:00 2015-01-21T04:45:10Z John Stossel

Icarus Falling

Tue, 2015-01-20 20:45
Take care, we say as casually as we do Bye or See Ya Later -- and then we're off. We've got things to do, places to go, work to do -- and today some new waxen wings to test. There's always something on the to-do list, you know how it is. And then, in the middle of the busy day's routine ... the explosion. 2015-01-20T14:24:00-05:00 2015-01-21T04:45:10Z Paul Greenberg

France Needs No-Nonsense Approach to Weeding out Domestic Terrorism

Tue, 2015-01-20 20:45
During a White House press conference last week in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, U.S President Barack Obama took the opportunity to school France on how to fight terrorism through social assimilation and approaches that don't involve the military or law enforcement. Ironically, he lectured the French while standing just a few miles away from Anacostia, the Washington, D.C., neighborhood for which the French government issued a travel warning in 2013 for its citizens to avoid, day or night. 2015-01-20T14:22:00-05:00 2015-01-21T04:45:10Z Rachel Marsden

Erring on the Side of Life

Tue, 2015-01-20 20:45
The history of human knowledge as it relates to the human body is a fascinating and terrible thing. In every age, the ability for physicians and other medical practitioners to effectively treat wounds or combat disease has been constrained by the technology or lack thereof available at the time. In the past, people often died from illnesses or injuries that are quite treatable today. 2015-01-20T11:24:00-05:00 2015-01-21T04:45:10Z Ken Connor

Same-Sex Marriage: Too Big a Job for the Court

Tue, 2015-01-20 20:45
A grand misconception is embedding itself in the public brain: To wit, the Supreme Court soon will clue us in to the true meaning of marriage. 2015-01-20T05:42:00-05:00 2015-01-21T04:45:10Z Bill Murchison

A SOTU Over Before Its Begun

Tue, 2015-01-20 20:45
When George W. Bush and the GOP got "thumped" over the conduct of the war in Iraq in November 2006, 43 responded to the will of the people, made changes, announced the Surge, and graciously welcomed Nancy Pelosi as the first woman Speaker at the start of his 2007 State of the Union Address. Not much else is remembered from the next two years, except victory in Iraq and a market panic in the fall of 2008 brought about by the popping of the housing bubble. That panic brought us President Obama 2015-01-20T09:15:00-05:00 2015-01-21T04:45:10Z Hugh Hewitt

Do Falling Oil Prices Lead to Trickle-Up Economics?

Tue, 2015-01-20 20:45
Via e-mail, one of our readers asked some very good questions, which frame the seemingly fortunate economic situation in the U.S. pretty well. 2015-01-20T00:01:00-05:00 2015-01-21T04:45:10Z Political Calculations

Calling America

Tue, 2015-01-20 20:45
We the People of the United States need to hear this song. 2015-01-20T00:01:00-05:00 2015-01-21T04:45:10Z Arthur Schaper

Expect a Blowout Win in Greece

Tue, 2015-01-20 20:45
Yet, politically speaking in general, last minute undecided voters in elections (at least in in the US) tend to break strongly in one direction. I see no reason why Greece should be any different. 2015-01-20T00:01:00-05:00 2015-01-21T04:45:10Z Mike Shedlock

European Jews and the Missing Right of Self Defense

Tue, 2015-01-20 20:45
Over and over again, Ive shared evidence showing that gun ownership deters crime. As I pointed out in my IQ test for criminals and liberals, even stupid criminals dont want to get shot. 2015-01-20T00:01:00-05:00 2015-01-21T04:45:10Z Daniel J. Mitchell

The Cross Examined College Prep Course III

Tue, 2015-01-20 20:45
I appreciate the folks who made the movie Gods Not Dead. But the movie contained three serious flaws. You need to know them before you enroll in college: 2015-01-20T00:01:00-05:00 2015-01-21T04:45:10Z Mike Adams

Hollywood’s ‘Largest’ Hypocrite

Tue, 2015-01-20 20:45
Hollywood filmmaker Michael Moore weighed in on the recent release of the annual Oscar nominations, during which he made it very clear that he does not like the Clint Eastwood Oscar nominee American Sniper... 2015-01-20T00:01:00-05:00 2015-01-21T04:45:10Z D.W. Wilber

Dave Says: Take Control, Don’t Live in Fear

Tue, 2015-01-20 20:45
Years ago when I crashed and burned financially there were a few strong emotions that spurred me towards change. One of those was disgust. The second emotion was fear. 2015-01-20T00:01:00-05:00 2015-01-21T04:45:10Z Dave Ramsey

The Policy Equivalent of Ebola: It’s Stupid Foreign Policy, Stupid

Tue, 2015-01-20 20:45
While Obamas approval rating on the economy is poor, his approval rating on foreign policy is hemorrhagic. 2015-01-20T00:01:00-05:00 2015-01-21T04:45:10Z John Ransom

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