Hispanic groups say they won't accept blame for Democratic losses this fall: report

Washington Times Politics - Tue, 2014-09-30 05:05

Hispanic advocates say they won't entertain any blame if Democrats lose control of the Senate, a reflection of their disappointment in President Obama for delaying executive action on deportation reforms and apathy for Democratic candidates that haven't made a direct appeal to the demographic, according to the Wall ...

New Democratic tilt in Louisiana is good news-bad news for Sen. Mary Landrieu: Gallup poll

Washington Times Politics - Tue, 2014-09-30 04:44

More Louisianans identify or lean Democratic than Republican, a shift away from the GOP's edge in the past three years, according to Gallup data that offers a potential boon to Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu as she tries to stave off an election challenge from Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy.


Rep. Jason Chaffetz: Putting Secret Service under DHS may have been mistake

Washington Times Politics - Tue, 2014-09-30 04:22

A Utah congressman said Tuesday it's time for a fresh look at the Secret Service in the wake of a security breach at the White House, arguing it may be operating like a "political" office that's too willing to pat its officers on the back.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Utah Republican, ...

Chicago libraries accept immigrant licenses as ID

Washington Times Politics - Tue, 2014-09-30 01:41

CHICAGO (AP) - The Chicago Public Library has begun accepting special immigrant driver's licenses as identification for obtaining a library card.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the policy Monday, saying it's "part of being an immigrant-friendly city." The mayor says more Chicagoans now will be able to take ...

Obama and “Respect for the Rule of Law”

Freedom Works - Mon, 2014-09-29 22:18
Personal Freedom and Prosperity 110: The Rule of Law Obama and “Respect for the Rule of Law”

Addressing the United Nations, President Obama praised America for resolving religious and racial differences, which was achieved “with respect for the rule of law.” Mr. Obama said,

“… we address our differences in the open space of democracy with respect for the rule of law, with a place for people of every race and every religion.”

Incredibly, President Obama brags to the world about America’s “respect for the rule of law” as he orders airstrikes on Syria. This is an act of war made by the President in violation of Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution which commands: “Congress shall have Power … To declare War.” The clear intent of the Constitution was best stated by James Wilson at the Constitutional Convention, "It will not be in the power of a single man, or a single body of men, to involve us in such distress."

Thus, Mr. Obama appreciates the primacy of the rule of law as essential to superior governance, but intentionally violates the principle. Here is a definition of the rule:

A government with moral and legal authority promulgates written rules and universally, impartially and uniformly enforces the rules, which provides a predictable and stable legal order on which to base economic and personal decisions. The law prevails, not the proclamation or arbitrary decision of a ruler, government bureaucrat, enforcer (e.g., policeman) or judge.

Harmfully, Mr. Obama has consistently violated the intent and purpose of the Rule of Law. The promulgation and the arbitrary repeals and delays of ObamaCare violate the rule of law. His unilateral order to bomb Libya violated the rule. Recess appointments violated the rule, Obama’s EPA exceeded its authority. And the list is much longer. Even the Supreme Court, which loathes to reverse a President, has ruled that the Obama administration has exceeded its authority.

Of course, these presidential excesses negatively impact nearly every American. Unilateral mandates impact the cost and quality of health care, the cost of energy, the cost of wars, the opportunity to start and expand business, employment, job creation and more. Mr. Obama knows this, but continues to violate the Rule of Law with his arbitrary decrees on America and world. Harmfully and regrettably, Americans and the world are greatly harmed – economically, morally and politically.

Read an excellent article by Doug Bandow on the debate and intent of our Founders.

Clinton Baby Prompts A Decision More Important Than Hillary's Plans

TownHall - Mon, 2014-09-29 21:30
It seems hard to imagine that there is a more important question than the effect Charlotte Clintons birth will have on the 2016 presidential race. But there is. 2014-09-30T00:01:00-04:00 2014-09-30T04:30:07Z Mark Davis

Obama could stop 50,000 deportations a year by carving out traffic crimes: report

Washington Times Politics - Mon, 2014-09-29 21:01

As many as 50,000 illegal immigrants a year could be allowed to remain in the U.S. if President Obama decides that traffic crimes no longer rise to the level of deportation, according to a report being released Tuesday by the Center for Immigration Studies.

The report comes as all sides ...

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