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Patriot Post Quotes - Thu, 2014-10-16 21:00
"A council to a magistrate, who is himself responsible for what he does, are generally nothing better than a clog upon his good intentions, are often the instruments and accomplices of his bad, and are almost always a cloak to his faults." –Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 70, 1788

Prostitution shenanigans rock State Department

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 19:21

State Department managers created the appearance of giving "undue influence and favoritism" by quashing or delaying official probes into accusations of prostitution solicitation, sexual assault and document leaking by American diplomats in recent years, a report by the department's internal watchdog said Thursday.

In one case, diplomatic security managers essentially ...

Malloy uses Visconti to criticize Foley on guns

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 18:55

NEW LONDON, Conn. (AP) - Gov. Dannel P. Malloy took advantage of petitioning candidate Joe Visconti's first appearance at a gubernatorial debate Thursday to criticize Republican Tom Foley's nuanced position on Connecticut's gun control legislation, praising Visconti for his outspoken opposition to the law.

"At least he tells ...

TSA chief John Pistole steps down after difficult 4 years

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 18:25

The leader of the Transportation Security Administration, John Pistole, announced Thursday that he would retire after 4 1/2 tumultuous years leading the agency.

"It has been an honor and a privilege to have served as TSA administrator," Mr. Pistole said. "I could not be more proud of all that our ...

Larry Hogan vows to block Democrats' bad legislation if elected Maryland governor

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 18:23


Republican Larry Hogan, who is in a surprisingly close race for governor in deep-blue Maryland, said Thursday that if elected he would be playing "goalie" to stop the Democrat-led General Assembly from passing more bad legislation.

Although he would be unable to repeal liberal measures already on the ...

Larry Hogan blasts Anthony Brown over 'Redskins' name

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 18:10

Maryland gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan on Thursday said nobody should tell a storied business such as the Washington Redskins to change its long-held name and called opponent Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown a "hypocrite" for refusing to speak the name.

Mr. Hogan, a Republican, blasted Mr. Brown for claiming to take ...

CDC blames cuts for Ebola response, pays millions in bonuses

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 17:56

Top public health officials have collected $25 million in bonuses since 2007, carving out extra pay for themselves in tight federal budgetary times while blaming a lack of money for the Obama administration's lackluster response to the Ebola outbreak.

U.S. taxpayers gave $6 billion in salaries and $25 million in ...

Judge mulls whether to block Arizona ID theft laws

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 17:55

PHOENIX (AP) - Advocates for immigrants urged a judge Thursday to shelve two Arizona ID theft laws that are the legal foundation for business raids by metro Phoenix's sheriff, arguing the Legislature's intent in passing the statutes wasn't to confront identity theft but rather to combat illegal immigration.


Attorney denied hearing delay appears with baby

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 17:51

ATLANTA (AP) - An immigration judge in Atlanta denied an attorney's request to delay a hearing that fell during her six-week maternity leave and then scolded her in front of a packed courtroom when she showed up with her 4-week-old strapped to her chest and the infant began to ...

Nevada US House candidates Heck and Bilbray debate

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 17:33

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Two candidates running for Nevada's 3rd Congressional district disagreed on most issues during a debate Thursday, except for one, the importance of the future Interstate 11 link between Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Republican Rep. Joe Heck and Democratic challenger Erin Bilbray split on a ...

2 complaints filed over Oregon governor's fiancee

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 17:23

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - The Oregon Republican Party and a GOP state lawmaker have filed complaints with a state ethics panel over the role Gov. John Kitzhaber's fiancee has played in his administration.

The complaints were lodged Wednesday with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission, which enforces laws prohibiting ...

Obama open to Ebola czar, but rebuffs travel ban as 'not the way to go'

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 17:22

President Obama said Thursday it "may make sense for us to have one person" coordinating the government's response to the Ebola outbreak, indicating the administration may appoint a so-called czar to oversee all federal efforts.

Speaking in the Oval Office after a second straight day of meetings on the Ebola ...

News briefs from around Tennessee at 1:58 a.m. EDT

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 16:59
Tennesseans urged to fight 'voter suppression'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Democratic Congressman Jim Cooper on Wednesday urged Tennesseans to vote this election cycle following a recent report that shows states that toughened their voter identification laws saw steeper drops in election turnout than those that did not.


Hunter Biden discharged from Navy Reserve for positive cocaine test

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 16:23

Hunter Biden has been discharged by the Navy Reserve after testing positive for cocaine use.

The military career of Vice President Joseph R. Biden's son ended earlier this year after only having been commissioned as an ensign on May 7, 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. Mr. Biden had ...

Inside the Beltway: Back to normal for White House fundraising

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 16:06

It took the Ebola crisis to dampen White House enthusiasm for relentless fundraising. After a previous week filled with six moneymakers around the nation, President Obama canceled three similar events this week to tend the growing public distress over the disease and its threat. But prudence, perhaps, has ended. Come ...

Leisure-prone Obama gets belatedly serious on Ebola

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 15:39

From golfing to raising piles of cash for the Democratic party, President Obama's itinerary often remains unchanged even in the face of crisis or tragedy, but the commander in chief took a much different tack this week as fears over Ebola mount.

Mr. Obama canceled four events over the past ...

Obama's Ebola response worries public, Democrats facing midterm elections

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 15:02

With pivotal midterm elections less than three weeks away, the Ebola scare in the U.S. and the federal government's chaotic response are hitting at the worst possible moment for President Obama and congressional Democrats.

Two-thirds of voters are telling pollsters this week that they want the administration to impose a ...

CHARLES HURT: Obama prepares for the Ebola election

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 14:32

Snap on those rubber gloves, zip up your hazmat suits, and tape up those galoshes. Get ready for the Ebola election!

The White House is in full scurry before next month's vote, trying to feverishly scrub the taint of Ebola from President Obama and all the Democrats standing within the ...

Corbett campaign says opponent 'giddy' over Michelle Obama in Pa.

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 14:23

The campaign of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett sent an email to supporters Thursday criticizing Democratic opponent Tom Wolf for being lovestruck by first lady Michelle Obama.

Corbett campaign manager Mike Barley sent supporters a copy of a Wolf email "showing his giddiness over having Barack Obama's wife campaign for him" ...

Additional charges against accused fence jumper

Washington Times Politics - Thu, 2014-10-16 14:19

WASHINGTON (AP) - The man accused of jumping a White House fence and running into the presidential mansion while carrying a knife now faces a new weapons charge.

A federal grand jury on Thursday returned the charge of possession of illegal ammunition magazines against Omar Gonzalez in an ...

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