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 Dr. Art Robinson is an internationally respected scientist and educator, successful businessman, skilled public speaker, and expert on energy, medicine and emergency preparedness. He worked on medical and defense issues during the Reagan administration and on energy issues during the Clinton and Bush administrations.

Art gathered the signatures of more than 31,000 American scientists on a petition urging the U.S. government not to take action on the scientifically invalid claim that human activities warm the earth.

Art graduated from CalTech and, after receiving his PhD in chemistry from the University of California at San Diego, was immediately appointed to the faculty there.

In 1973, he co-founded the Linus Pauling Institute with Linus Pauling and served as President and Research Professor. In 1980, Art and his scientist wife Laurelee moved to Oregon and, with colleagues, founded the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. After Lauelee's death in 1988, he raised their six children on the family farm near Cave Junction, where they still live.

All six of the Robinson children are in science. Four hold doctoral degrees, with the other two now in graduate school.

Robinson family curricula and books have won many awards, and are now used by more than 60,000 home-schooled children

For the past 17 years, Art has authored the 40-year-old newsletter Access to Energy, which deals with scientific issues that are especially relevant to public affairs.

Author of many invited articles in The Wall Street Journal, Human Events and WorldNetDaily, Art has spoken in numerous forums, including the Sean Hannity and Glen Beck programs.

Art is working hard to support and represent the State Party and the local County Parties.

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OR GOP Chairman Art Robinson on theDove TV with Perry Atkinson, former Oregon GOP Chairman

"What is the current condition of the Republican Party" - Art Robinson - - Published on Aug 21, 2013 Art Robinson, the newly elected chairman of the Oregon GOP, discusses the current condition of the Republican Party and talks about electing Republican candidates for public office.


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