Oregon.GOP New State Party WebsiteThe Oregon Republican Party has launched a new website at Oregon.GOP this week. "Our new website leverages compelling visual imagery to drive our party's messages and make it easy and simple to find important information voters need," stated Chairman Bill Currier. "It's all a part of our state party's goal to enhance our communication with Oregon voters and establish a more powerful brand presence for everyone to learn more about who we are, what we're saying, and what we're doing to promote a better future for Oregonians.".....CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE NEW SITE!

ORP Chairman Bill CurrierIt was January 2015. Oregon had just inaugurated John Kitzhaber to a fourth term as governor. Three short weeks into his new term, Gov. Kitzhaber was pressured to resign in disgrace after “high crimes” came to light, crimes kept out of the headlines long enough to deceive Oregon’s voters into re-electing him.....


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Sharon DayEvery day, our College Republicans continue to do a great job of reaching out to their fellow millenials to share why they should be Republican. Their well thought out strategy has included doing survey research, focus groups, town halls and video messaging.

As leaders in our party, I want to share with you their latest video. You may view it here.

But to be honest, just watching this video is not enough…we need to use our social media contacts to get their message out so please share this video on your facebook, twitter, pinterest and with any and all lists you may have.

Also, make sure it’s posted on your State Party website to show that our Republican Party has not lost the trust of the millenials. The more people see what the Republican Party has to offer…especially to young people…and in their voices…the better our chances will be for victory not just in November, but victory for our country’s future.

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