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"Dr. Wehby may make a house call" - George Will

"Oregon's Monica Wehby may make a house call on the Senate" - The Washington Post/George F. Will

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Republican Governor Victor Atiyeh Remembered

The Oregon Republican Party mourns the loss of Oregon’s great Republican governor, Victor Atiyeh. Throughout more than 30 years in Oregon politics, Vic made us proud to be a Republican.

Governor Vic Atiyeh

As governor in the 1980s, Vic opened up international trade for Oregon, and managed the state through one of Oregon’s worst economic downturns with skill and adherence to Republican principles.
Throughout his career, Vic worked to assist Republicans across Oregon at all levels of government. The Oregon Republican Party expresses its condolences to his wife Dolores and the entire Atiyeh family.
Vic Atiyeh will be remembered in Oregon history as one of the greatest governors of Oregon.

Memorial service plans are pending.  Messages of condolance sent to the Oregon Republican Party will be forwarded to the family.


What Do We Really Know about Global Warming?


Dr. Roy Spencer - Wednesday, July 9, 2014 keynote address:

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