Why I am a Republican

Sharon DayEvery day, our College Republicans continue to do a great job of reaching out to their fellow millenials to share why they should be Republican. Their well thought out strategy has included doing survey research, focus groups, town halls and video messaging.

As leaders in our party, I want to share with you their latest video. You may view it here.

But to be honest, just watching this video is not enough…we need to use our social media contacts to get their message out so please share this video on your facebook, twitter, pinterest and with any and all lists you may have.

Also, make sure it’s posted on your State Party website to show that our Republican Party has not lost the trust of the millenials. The more people see what the Republican Party has to offer…especially to young people…and in their voices…the better our chances will be for victory not just in November, but victory for our country’s future.

I also want to give a special acknowledgement and a thank you to the National Chair of the College Republicans, Alex Smith and her team. As you know, Alex is the first woman Chair of the CR’s. She is from Pennsylvania, is a recent graduate of Seaton Hall University School of Law, named one of the “Rising Stars” by the RNC and was recipient of the Jeanne Kirkpatrick Award from the Co-Chair’s office.


Alex and our College Republicans are our future!

After the Growth and Opportunity report we knew that we had to make inroads with the youth of America. The RNC is continuing to work to establish college campus captains throughout the country. Elliott Echols, our National Youth Director working with our College Republicans have done an amazing job of recruiting college captains throughout the country. We hope that you will reach out to Elliott and help him start a college Republican program at the campuses in your state. You can reach Elliott here.

Together, let’s build a brighter future and continue America’s exceptionalism for the next generation. So let’s build this bright future with and for America’s millenials.

God Bless and God Speed.

Sharon Day RNC Co-Chairman

Don't Mess with the Current Party System. Vote NO on 90.

The Top Two Primary is an attempt to limit the ability of voters to have a say in who represents them. It shuts out minor parties and forces voters to choose from just two major party candidates in the fall election.

Oregon has a rich history of “minor” political parties that provide a voice for voters who don’t identify with either of the two major political parties. These parties cover the full spectrum of political opinions. Since the founding of our state, voters have been able to choose from a diverse list of parties and candidates on their General Election ballots.

No Costly Food Labeling. NO on 92.

Measure 92 is a costly and unreliable food labeling measure that will appear on Oregon’s November 2014 statewide ballot. It would mandate complex new food labeling regulations in Oregon that don’t exist in any other state. Measure 92 would unfairly hurt our state’s farmers, cost Oregon taxpayers millions, and increase grocery costs for Oregon families by hundreds of dollars per year.

Despite these negative impacts, Measure 92’s flawed food labeling system would not do what it claims: It would not give Oregon consumers accurate or reliable information about which foods actually contain “genetically engineered” (GE) ingredients and which don’t. Corn

Measure 92 is so badly written it won’t tell consumers what’s in their food. In fact, two-thirds of the food and beverages sold in Oregon would be exempt from the labeling requirement. Many other foods would have to be labeled even if there are no GE ingredients in them, while thousands of products would be exempt even if they contain or are made with GE ingredients. All these exemptions and poorly written requirements would provide consumers inaccurate and unreliable information about our food.

No Driver Cards for Illegal Aliens. Vote NO on 88.


You might remember that last year, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill which would grant official driver cards to persons who cannot prove legal presence in the U.S. Oregonians for Immigration Reform got out the clipboards and was successful in gathering enough signatures to put the bill before voters for a Yes or No vote in the November 2014 general election. Caution

Citizens will have the opportunity to overturn SB 833 by voting NO on Ballot Measure 88, and the result will be that illegal aliens will not be accommodated with official driver cards.

August Events

Training for Candidates - Friday, August 22 4-6 pm (see attached flier) - Wilsonville Holiday Inn
Central Committee Meeting and Banquet - Saturday, August 23 - Wilsonville Holiday Inn

Oregon GOP Countdown to Victory Banquet - Saturday, August 23rd - Wilsonville Holiday Inn
Sharon Day, Co-Chair Republican National Committee,  will be our featured speaker.
Private Reception and photo op in the Lewis and Clark Room 5pm
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